How does the Remi Home Elevator work?

Simply put, the Remi Hydraulic Home Elevator is like a sophisticated forklift.

The assembly animation to your right shows the 8" pit being formed in your concrete slab.

Some customers have a crawl space and their crawl space can act as a pit as well with a 6" concrete slab poured at the bottom of the crawl space. The elevator pit allows the elevator floor to be even with the first floor level.
The next step of your installation process is to have your carpenter or framer prepare your elevator shaft. We strongly recommend framing your elevator shaft out of two by fours, not two by sixes or concrete block. Some customers think that by over-framing, or blocking the elevator shaft, your elevator will be stronger, keep in mind that most of the loads on the elevator are on the concrete slab below and not on the rails. It might sound confusing, but you will create a 3" by 5" rule safety violation if you have your framer use 2 by 6's or concrete block. This can be a safety violation and prohibit the installation of your Remi home Elevator. A description of the 3 x 5 rule can be found on the animations and diagrams page. This is the single most important safety issue when building your elevator shaft.

The next step is to have your carpenter install wood blocking material. These are double two by 12 headers turned on their face and running plate-to-plate on one wall inside the elevator shaft. This is the wall that our rail brackets are mounted to. The animation shows the two by 12's slide into the shaft and then your elevator rail brackets being lag-bolted onto the 2 x 12's. Some customers are required to fire rate their elevator shaft. Please check with your local inspector to find out what is required. Now the balance of the Remi Home Elevator is the elevator guide rails, the hydraulic jack installation, the elevator cars link and then the elevator cap. Please click on the side-view animation to see the completed installation.

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