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REMI is the leading manufacturer of residential home elevators. With more than 40 years of combined home elevator experience in both the commercial and residential elevator industries, and a nationwide network of house elevator Certified Installation Companies (CIC), REMI home elevators makes owning a residential home elevator easy and affordable.

Customers who purchase a residential home elevator from REMI home elevators realize many distinct advantages over our competition:

  • Costs Savings: REMI Home Elevators start at $11,995.
  • Fast turn-around: Two week lead-times available.
  • Local installation: Nationwide network of home elevator Certified Installation Companies (CIC)
  • Affordable and convenient: REMI residential in home elevators can be installed in your existing home for about the same amount as closing costs on a new home.
  • Peace of mind: We provide a referral network of elevator inspectors throughout the United States to independently inspect the installation of your residential home elevator.

Improve Accessibility, Eliminate Mistakes

Our Sales and Technical Specialists work with you to guide you in determining the right residential home elevator to meet your needs. We manufacture your home elevator to your specifications and ship it to your home within two weeks. Your REMI residential home elevator will enhance your quality of life with improved accessibility within your home. Our guided process will help to eliminate any mistakes in the ordering and installation process.

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